Saturday, February 16, 2013

Windows & Doors

Time for a little update.  Not much has happened lately in the land of hobby, but I have managed to work on windows and doors for the Gamecraft buildings.  

I added styrene strips around the window frames that came with the kit.

The windows have a roll down cover to protect from vicious storms that frequent Radium Town.

I do have the Clancy Gang and Vigilance Committee from BWG based and ready for priming.  Hope to get to that this week, along with working on more bits for the buildings and some crates & barrels.  Slowly but surely.

In other news, I recently backed the Kickstarter for Wild West Exodus.  This looks like a great weird west game, I really like the fluff so far. I also like the idea of a comic book to enhance the fluff and introduce new characters.  The miniatures definitely look the business.  Check it out.

Back it too while your at it :)

Till next time.

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