Thursday, January 31, 2013

First Post

Welcome to RadiumBathhouse!  My little corner of the web in which I plan to showcase my miniature hobby along with occasional music and photography posts.  Probably some food/recipes too.   Basically anything I find interesting.

I have been a "collector" of miniatures for about 17 years.  I rarely finish any project or play any games, but with this blog I hope to get more finished and play more games with finished figs.  We'll see.   Currently my gaming interests are, Weird Wild West based in my own town, Radium Town (also known as Claremore), Warmachine (Khador), and soon to be Wild West Exodus.

For my WWW gaming I've collected quite a few figs over the years (Deadlands, BlackScorpion, Malifaux) and most recent the new Blackwater Gulch line.  I've backed both Kickstarter projects by Blackwater, and this is where I will start my WIPs.  Currently I am cleaning up and basing the Clancy Gang and Vigilance Committee.  Mr. Graves and Mr. Tannen by Wyrd are also on the bench.

Also working on converting the GameCraft buildings I received with the Blackwater Gulch kickstarter to a larger size to accomodate 30mm - 35mm figs.  These buildings will be for a radium-water drilling operation on the outskirts of Claremore.  Here are the pics, more on what goes on here later.

I horribly screwed up the brick pattern, I know, but decided to just go with it.  The windows and doors will be replaced with custom ones and probably a light of sorts over the door.  The door shown is not the one I plan on using, just a mock up.

And last is a classic workbench shot.  I used to have my own room full of stuff, complete with custom lighting for the hobby.  I lost it to my daughter when my son was born last October.  Now it's lots of bins and trays floating around the house and I get to use the kitchen table late at night.  Woo-hoo.

Not the best photos (iPhone 5 + Snapseed) but once I repair/replace my broken DSLR they should get better...  Maybe.

A long first post, but at least there were some pics.  More to come, so stay tuned.

Thanks for looking!

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